Travel – We handle travel arrangements for business and executive clients, academic and all official trips.We negotiate with tour operators for domestic and international packages and ticketing. Weliaise with airlines for best prices as well as other transport companies to ensure travel arrangement including for transport, accommodation and food all according to the client’s requirement.

Group travel – We coordinate trips for large numbers of people, arranging transportation, lodging and entertainment activities.  We also serve as consultants; offering advice on locations, places to see and visit, while planning itineraries that best suit the clients’ intentions of visiting the area.

 Team Building– In the competitive corporate world where all businesses are geared towards customer satisfaction and achieving objectives, business leaders often forget their most important assets- the employees. Team building is a series of activities specifically tailored to boost the morale of the employees. By letting them unwind away from the office setting, employees are motivated, show initiative and take immense pride in their results hence overall success in the business. Our packages include residential safaris or one day events where our professional facilitators avail themselves with the required team building materials.

Knowing that every team is uniquely different, we specialize in setting the correct tone and pace for your event. Our diverse range of exciting team building activities are designed to harmonize, excite, challenge and extend employees while building trust and opening up communication channels. Faraja Safaris will turn you from formal colleagues to effective team mates.

 Leisure trips— We take care of all the details so that you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation. We organize relaxing holiday experiences to spas, hot springs, ocean resorts and sandy beaches.Not forgetting the exotic cuisines to try out.We have unbelievable deals on honeymoons and services to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Nightlife – Our travel packages give you plenty of time to enjoy the bars, restaurants, and clubs in different capitals of the continent. We provide transportation and security so that you can concentrate on having fun with peace of mind.Road trips – Explore the continent in the best possible way –- on the road. After identifying your intended distance, destination and budget, we find you the most suitable car/ motorcycle, scheduled stops, find attractions and help you discover extraordinary places. From culture to campsites and nature to nightclubs, Faraja will help you plan a trip tailored to your travel style.

We will help you budget by providing cost estimates for the items (e.g. fuel) required for the selected trip, make sure your route is broken down into doable driving segments both to and from your final destination and include a list of attractions you want to see along the way. There will be numerous places on the list as Africa is well endowed, but be prepared to skip a few. You never know what will happen on the open road. Being flexible is key.

Car Hire – There is nothing more than the comfort of traveling by your private means. You control comfort and the time, reach your destination fully geared to have a great experience with less fatigue or travel pains but rather a huge great adventure.

Community Tourism – We arrange homestay programs for people interested in learning about ways of life of communities for either academic, official or personal purposes. We also create volunteer opportunities for our clients, help seek and secure internships and work camps.

We also ensure your safety, documentation, legal work and maps to ease your navigation.